Polar Infrared Interface for Polar S610i, S720i, S725X, S625X  S810i, RS400,  RS800

Make heart rate training data work harder. Alongside a new Polar S610i, Polar S720i, S725X, S625X and Polar S810i purchase you get Polarís ground-breaking analysis software Polar Precision Performance 4.0 giving you the essential advantage of being able to easily gather and study the data your heart rate monitor provides. Send settings, reminders and other instructions from your PC to your monitor by either the infrared device or your speakers like the S410 and S510. Build a personal resource of past routines, reports and performance details. 
The  IR port with the S810i, S720 and S610i  now works with Windows 98 and higher, providing you had a built in I/R port on your PC or Laptop. (If not, you will require the Polar USB 2.0 or Serial Interface to link to your PC)

Take your pick either a USB connector or serial port  (9 pin) 

Polar IR Interface USB                     
              USB  White                                       
serial (RS232c)  Black

System Requirements  
A free serial (RS232c) com Port or USB port
Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98,
Windows 2000 Professional or
Windows NT or Windows XP
PP 3.0 Software, 32MB RAM, CD-ROM drive

Sample of print out   PDF File

Sample S610i  Gif          Sample S720  Gif          Sample S810i  Gif


New Polar IR Data Feature
Transfer training data effortlessly using infrared enabled laptop/desktop computers and the Polar Precision Performance 3.0 training software. Upload data with the new Polar Infrared Interface. Load user or standard settings, exercise settings, as well as advanced exercise profiles such as warm up workout and recovery.  You can also program intervals (i.e. interval time and recovery).  The transfer rate is at 9600 baud and is quick.  The transfer also conserves battery life as compare to the Accurex Plus

New Polar Uplink Feature
All new Polar S-Series models include an innovation for wireless transmission allowing you to Upload basic settings to your monitor utilizing standard PC dynamic loudspeakers and soundcard or the infrared unit.  This works the same on the S410 and S510   

Sample S610i  Gif          Sample S720i  Gif          Sample S810i  Gif