Heart Rate Calculator
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Enter your Age, Resting Heart Rate and Maximum Heart Rate (If Known) then click Calculate
Age and resting heart  rate are required fields.  If maximum heart rate is entered that number is used in the calculations rather than age.   For new calculations you must clear maximum heart rate.


Heart Rate

Heart Rate

Healthy Heart (40-52%)
Zone 1
Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

VO2 Max
(88-100%) Zone 5

Run Swim / Aerobics Walking Briskly Jogging Running Going Hard All Out
Male Female



Formulas Used  Running
Max Heart Rate (Male) = 214 - Age * 0.8          (Calculated)
Max Heart Rate (Female) = 209 - Age * 0.7

Formulas Used  Swimming or Aerobics
Max Heart Rate (Male) = 198 - Age * 0.8
Max Heart Rate (Female) = 193 - Age * 0.7

Inline Skating, Cycling, Rowing heart rates would be slightly below Running and above Swimming

It is better and more accurate to calculate your maximum heart rate for the specific sport you are training in.

Example for 50%
50% Heart Rate =   (Max Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate) * 50%

Many books use the percentage of max heart rate to determine the zones, rather than deducting the resting heart rate.  It is much more accurate to deduct the resting heart rate when talking about percentages.   For Example 30% would be about your resting heart rate.  For more info click here